Johnny Kerr

      Ambiguity is a sustained investigation of Antoine Predock's Nelson Fine Arts Center in Tempe, Arizona. Part II continues where my first project left off several years ago. I felt inspired once again by this marvelous structure and spent more hours photographing, waiting and observing how the lines, shapes and forms changed as the sun moved from morning to late afternoon, revealing new relationships of harmony or tension.

      The ambiguous forms, shapes and textures of the almost featureless stucco exterior intrigued me as a designer. I exploited these minimalist characteristics by exaggerating the three-dimensional elements in some cases, and compressing them into two-dimensional graphic planes in others. By observing how the structural lines intersected from various vantage points, I was often able to confuse the visual perception of foreground and background. My pastel color palette is inspired by the building’s southwest geography.

      Some images have titles that reveal the metaphor or concept that inspired their creation. Other observations did not readily lend a title so I did not try to force it. If you enjoy these images, feel free to share your thoughts as I always love to hear what alternative metaphors my abstract images invoke in the eye of the beholder.

Over the Palace Wall
In The Fold
Faux Skyline
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