Visions from the shores of Ohio by Johnny Kerr
        In the summer of 2015 I spent seven days in Ohio. While there I took a little time each day to explore different areas along the coast of Lake Erie, all within about twelve miles of Cleveland. This trip was a sort of open-ended photography commission; my family was brought out to spend a week in Bay Village, OH while I explored the area to see what I could see. I'm very grateful to have had this opportunity. As an educator I don't work during the summer months but I rarely have the chance to accomplish so much as I did on this trip. My typical summer is spent indoors suffering from cabin fever as it's too hot outside to do much else in Arizona during June, July and August. In Ohio I experienced a variety of weather and scenery, and enjoyed time outdoors that I would not have otherwise had at home due to the miserable heat. I've never before made so many images in such a short period of time. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Hopeman, Bierer, Purgason and Crook families for their generosity, entertainment and hospitality. This portfolio is dedicated to those families.
Cleveland Breakwater
Crook Jetty
Three Forty-Three
Lorain Light
No Swimming
One, if by Land
The End
Self Portrait on Bench
Thanks for Watching!
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