Having grown up in the suburbs around Phoenix, Arizona, I am very well acquainted with stucco. In the Southwestern US, we use it to finish the surface of almost any architectural structure you can think of: houses, storefronts, bridges, walls, etc. Perhaps it is due to the lack of diversity in my surroundings, or a lifetime of over-saturation, but I have never been much of a fan of stucco. How I’ve longed for the varied textures, scale, and proportions of walls made from wood panels or bricks, as seen elsewhere in the US.

So, in January 2018, I decided to challenge myself as an artist to look for beauty where I’ve previously thought it lacking. Exploring storefronts and receiving docks in strip malls and business parks across the Phoenix Metro area became my mission. I devoted many hours and miles to the hunt for interesting relationships between colors, shapes, lines, light and shadows. 

In volume two, I expanded my search further South into Tucson, as well as other new finds closer to home in the greater Phoenix area. Be sure to check out volume one if you haven't already!

Coming soon: STUCCOLAND! coffee table book. Details to be announced here when available.
Book preview: Softcover, premium luster paper, 90 pages, 87 photographs
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